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Over the years I've come across the same misconceptions, errors and myths concerning the various players in the real estate market.
For buyers these are the two most common myths that I've encountered
1.  Dealing direct with the listing agent will get me the best deal.
Well it gets someone the best deal, but it sure ain't you!  I'll leave it up to you to guess who this is best for.  The fact is the listing agent is contractually obligated to get the most money in the shortest amount of time for the SELLER.  You should be able to figure out the rest.
2.  I don't need help with buying until I find the property I want.
I suppose if you're confident that you are actually seeing all that is available in the marketplace, this may have some merit, but I doubt it.  For example in Victoria my buyers see not only all the MLS listings but also FSBOs, private sales, exclusives and the sleeve listings I'm able to ferret out.  A buyer by themselves will probably miss the "right" home a few times before ever finding it.

Don't fall for these myths.  A good agent on your side will bith be able to gt you a better deal than you could on your own, and is more likely to be able to help you find the right home.  If you're looking in Victoria, BC, give me a call.


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