Victoria Fall Home Expo

The 2010 Victoria Fall Home Expo will be running tomorrow through Sunday at Pearkes community centre.  It promises to be full of interesting exhibitors and information booths for renovation, decor and more.  This is the 21st year of the Victoria Fall Home Expo and  the organizers are expecting upwards of 10,000 people through their doors.

I find these events pretty interesting as often you get to have a look at emerging trends and products up close and personal with folks who actually know something about them.  If you have ever been looking for information on a product at a Home Depot or Rona, you'll know what I'm talking about.  There's nothing like having a 16 year old kid read the product information off the box to you in response to your query.  And without the slightest trace of irony.

I'm interested to find out how the attendance will be this year as things have cooled off in the marketplace.  Often this means folks are going to put more into their hoses instead of selling and moving up, so I imagine it should be well attended.  Maybe I'll see you there.
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