What's in a Name?

Rename, rethink, redo.  Why not.  So I am renaming the blog to "That Good Victoria Real Estate Blog".  I think it has a better ring to it than "Oops I just Blogged on Victoria", and apparently it will google better.  And who doesn't want to google better.  The original name was quick and dirty, because frankly I doubted I would get anywhere with this, and so not a lot of thought when into it.  I thought of calling it "@#$% that Realtor in Victoria Says", but I think I would be a little late to the game.

The point of this really, though, is to say that the name is not meant to say that that there are no other good Victoria Real Estate Blogs.  Though there aren't. There are several.  I enjoy Peter Pfann's blogand though I don't agree with their outlook, the househunt victoria blog has some well thought out articles.  What FClacks in personal touch he makes up for in volume :).  Most people who take the trouble to put something up have something interesting to say.  So I just don't want the other Victoria Blogs to feel insecure or bad that my blog is now referred to as That Good Victoria Real Estate Blog.  I just like the name.

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