Why Feedback is not Important

Sellers all want feedback from showings.  It's a fact of life that every seller wants to know how every showing went.  That's fair enough.  But here's a simple test you can take to see how that showing went.
Did you get an offer?
If yes, then the showing went well.  If no, then the property was not for that particular buyer.
But why didn't I get an offer? 
The why doesn't matter. 
If you really want to know, here's a list of why you didn't get an offer:
  • The price is too high
  • The layout didn't work for the buyer
  • The location was lacking
  • The house is a dump
  • The buyer liked something else better
  • The buyer hasn't made a choice yet
  • The buyer didn't like the neighbours
  • The yard is too small
  • There's no storage
  • There's no garage
  • The garage is too small
  • Parking is an issue
  • The road is too busy
and so on and so on and so on.
Ask yourself, am I priced right?  Is the property clean?  Does it present well?
If the answer is no then why are you suprised when you get no offers?
If the answer is yes then why are you looking for feedback from people who don't want to buy it?  Are you going to change anything?  If you're like most sellers, then no, you aren't going to change anything - consequently any feedback is unimportant.
If you focus on pricing the property correctly, making sure it is clean and presents well, then you will get the feedback that you really want-an offer!
The rest really doesn't matter does it?
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