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Inventory levels are surprisingly low with just under 2300 residential listings on our system at the moment. However it turns out that many share common traits.


Around 700 listings are "great", "spacious", "private" and have "views".  Around 600 are also "beautiful". 400 or so are "bright", "quiet" and "custom".


Several hundred listings clock in as "updated", "huge", "sunny", "lovely", "stunning",  and "wonderful". Nearly 200 listings feature something "gourmet".


There are around 100 each of  "special", "rare", "immaculate" and "dream" listings! Pardon the pun but it also turns out that we have only 4 "Victorian" listings.


The most common descriptive word? A whopping 50% of listing descriptions managed to be "large" in some capacity or another, proving perhaps that size does matter.

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