You only get one chance at a first impression

I was driving on my way to a showing appointment when I saw a sign - For Sale by Builder - and another underneath it - Builder Open House.  Now this in of itself is not particularly remarkable.  What was remarkable to me was that the signs, honestly, looked like they had been written with crayon! There were three different pieces to the two signs, they were sort of tacked up on a fence with some sort of squiggly arrow.  The arrow was pointing to a house that was probably in the 650k range - that's a rough estimate as I eyeballed it driving by - not an inexpensive home.  The writing on the sign had big letters and small letters, some capital letters, there were a couple of different colours, though it looked more like the sign maker had run out of one colour so moved on to the next.

Here's the thing.  This was a "Builder".  If I'm looking to buy a property in Victoria and see a sign like this "constructed" by a builder, how confident can I possibly be with the house that has been built by this guy.  The sign tells me that there is no attention to detail, very little planning and little pride in work done.  Even if the inside of the property shows well and the outside looks nice, I'm going to be worried about what i can't see.  Probably so worried that even if I think I might like the property, I probably will not go far with it.  All because the "builder" was too lazy or cheap or stupid to go and get a for sale sign made for $40.00.  

I see this all the time with For Sale By Owners.  I have no problem with folks trying to sell their own home , but for heaven's sake, if you're going to go to the trouble of trying and selling your own property, at least make the effort to get a proper sign!  Trust me, it will make a difference!

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