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Choosing a Realtor to work with once you know you're moving is difficult.  Often you're handed a list of registered providers or just take a shot in the dark with a phone call or two.  I'd like to tell you why you might want to consider choosing me to help you with your move to Victoria.


Professional Experience.  

I am a broker level licensed real estate professional with 14 years of experience and have had the honour of doing many successful house hunting trips with posted members.  This means I carry a more advanced real estate licence than the majority of people in our industry and that I have significant experience in this particular field.

I am an Accredited Buyers Agent, ABR® and a Certified Negotitation Expert, CNE®.  I am also a registered TSPS with Brookefield.  

  • Your search begins well before your HHT.  After consulting with you by phone or email we'll build an automated search tool that allows you to receive up to date listings in real time with a data set that exceeds what is available on public sites.  We can expand and refine search criteria according to your needs.  If you find something interesting comparable data with be compiled and supplied quickly and efficiently.  You will gain an enormous amount of market knowledge before you get here.

  • It's about more than just properties. Information about school services, neighbourhoods and more will be provided to help you make the best decisions for relocation for both you and your family.

  • I understand the time constraints you're under when you get here and the need for information to be in your hands before you arrive.  My HHTs are well organized, structured and planned.  We know what you'll be looking at and why before you hit the ground.  You will have complete information packages on itineraries, subject properties being looked at with comparable analysis already done in the event that a particular property appeals to you. 

  • During your HHT you are my focus.  Once an HHT has been booked I block off my time to do the job that you expect me to do.

Personal Experience.  

I've been through it many times as a family member.  My father served for 32 years-growing up we were posted 9 times before I moved away from home.  I understand the experience from the inside and at all ages.  This experience is particularly valuable if you have children.


The rest of my program for buyers is described below.  Thanks for visiting.



A better way to buy,

a better buyer's system


Putting a dedicated Buyer's agent on your team is the first step to a better way of buying real estate.
My buyer's program is focused solely on your needs and strives to bring you more of the market, which will give you more choice and get you the right home at the right price.
1.  Buyer Consultation
We sit down and analyze the important factors that will be going into your home purchase.  I take the time to find out what it is that you really want, what you can realistically afford and whether we have the proper fit required to work together.
2.  My Buyer Commitment Agreement
We enter into an agreement that sets out the requirements that I must meet in order to be your agent.  I work with no more than a handful of clients at a time.  I am committed to bringing you the whole market, including private sales, exclusive listings, distress sales, MLS listings and more.  My approach is exhaustive and requires a commitment on both sides to find the right home at the right price.
3.  Advanced Search Tools
We initiate automated searches, you have access to mobile search applications, google map searches and more.  Your most advanced search tool is me, I scour the "other" market for oppotunities at the same time as the MLS system is mined for properties that may meet your needs.
4.  Regular communication
If you're calling your agent to tell them what properties you want to view, then you're doing it backwards.  Many agents have a set it and forget it attitude to home searches, making the buyer do the legwork.  I use regularly scheduled communication via voice or email to review possibilities and revise search parameters.  The more time we spend talking and looking, the better chance we have of finding the right home at the right price.  If you're engaged in a home search you should expect your agent to be as well!
5.  Advanced Negotiation
I carry a broker level licence.  I an a Certified Negotiation Expert, CNE®, I am an Accredited Buyer's Representative, ABR®.  I have advanced training and experience in negotiating and sales.  You will be hard pressed to find this combination of qualifications and experience in many other agents.  You can be confident that when we do enter negotiations on a property, you wil be getting the zealous representation that you deserve.  You will get the best deal available.
6.  Methodical Due Dilligence
I have a 9 step process that we go through in our due dilligence period to ensure that you are getting what you think you are getting.  From property title searches, home inspections, city hall inquiries, document reviews, financing requirements and more I will ensure that you are protected throughout the purchasing process and end up with the property you want with no suprises coming in the future.  This is the most important purchase of your life, I make sure you do it right.
7.  Complete Aftercare
Once you have purchased a property I stay with you through to completion and possession and beyond.  From facilitating legal documents to conducting a walk through prior to possession to arranging for professional cleaning I'll be there providing the highest level of customer service.  You can count on me to be there for any issue at any time.

Let's get started, contact me for your no obligation, pressure free, no cost buyer's consultation today!